Climate/Ocean Sciences

Lectures in Physical Oceanography [pdf]lecture in physical oceanography

Ocean Sciences, MSc Atmospheric Sciences, University of Pune

  • Ocean, Origin, Geology, Geography, Topography
  • Temperature, Salinity, Density and Oxygen – horizontal/vertical
  • Mixed Layer, Water Masses
  • General Circulation of the Oceans – thermohaline Circulation – wind driven circulation
  • Upper ocean processes, heat fluxes

lecture on Indian MonsoonThe Indian Monsoon [pdf]

  • Past: History of Monsoon
  • Present: The Monsoon we know/live
    – Driving mechanisms and factors
    – Variability: Interannual, Intraseasonal, etc.
  • Monsoon Modeling
  • Role of Ocean on the Monsoon
  • Future: Changing Climate and the Monsoon
  • Monsoon 2014

Lecture on Indian Monsoon and Modelinga. Interaction of Asian Monsoon and Global Oceans, in a Changing Climate

b. Monsoon Modeling [pdf]

SST-precipitation relationship, and the role of ocean in influencing the summer monsoon [pdf]lecture on sst-precipitation relationship over the monsoon basins

 Climate Data Analysis Tools

climate data analysis and visualizationLecture on Climate Data Analysis and Visualization using CDO and Ferret [pdf]

Lecture on Linux/Unix in Climate Research [pdf]linux/unix in climate research