Newspaper highlights

 A threefold rise in widespread extreme rains – in the Newspapers

Newspaper highlights on the study, “A threefold rise in widespread extreme rain events over central India”, which appeared in Nature Communications.

  • Telangana Today, Front Page—Moisture laden winds caused recent downpour, 12 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Financial Express—Extreme rainfall events over central India has tripled since 1950: study, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Hindustan Times—In 60 years, 268 extreme rainfall events, more than 69k deaths, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Millenium Post—Extreme rainfall events over central India has tripled since 1950: study, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • The Hans India—Extreme rainfall events over central India has tripled since 1950, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Navhind Times, Front Page—Goa has seen extreme rainfall events:study, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • The Northlines—Extreme rainfall events have killed over 69,000 across India since 1950, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Telangana Today—Heavy downpours due to warming of Arabian Sea: study, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Amar Ujala reports in Hindi—मध्य भारत में 1950 से अब तक भारी बारिश की घटनाओं में तीन गुना बढ़ोतरी, 6 Oct 2017
  • Mangalam reports in Malayalam—പേമാരി മൂലമുള്ള നാശം 60 വര്‍ഷംകൊണ്ട് മൂന്നിരട്ടിയായി, 6 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Mathrubhumi news—മഴക്കെടുതി, 67 വര്‍ഷത്തിനിടെ രാജ്യത്ത് കൊല്ലപ്പെട്ടത് 69000 ആളുകള്‍, 5 Oct 2017 [link]
  • The Hitavada, Front Page—Central Indian floods have tripled: study, 5 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Meghalaya Guardian—Warming of Arabian Sea is causing extreme rainfall events, 5 Oct 2017 [article]
  • The Statesman—Forecasting the cloudburst, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Deccan Herald—Extreme rain due to warming in the Arabian Sea, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Indian Express—Three-fold rise in erratic rainfall over central India, finds new study, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Times of India—Extreme rain events surge in central parts of the country, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
  • The Hindu—3-fold rise in extreme rainfall events in Central India, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
  • Deccan Chronicle—Extreme rainfall events on the rise, 4 Oct 2017 [article]
 Declining phytoplankton due to Indian Ocean warming – in the Newspapers

Newspaper highlights on the study, “A reduction in marine primary productivity driven by rapid warming over the tropical Indian Ocean”, which appeared in Geophysical Research Letters.

  • Oman Observer highlights—Scientists warn warmer Indian Ocean could be an ‘ecological desert’, 20 Jan 2016 [article]
  • Arab Times report—Warmer Indian Ocean could be ecological desert, 20 Jan 2016 [article]
  • Singapore Today features—Warming Indian Ocean is an ecological desert in the making, 20 Jan 2016 [article]
  • Pakistan Today reports—Warmer Indian Ocean could be an ‘ecological desert’, scientists warn, 20 Jan 2016 [article]
  • Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, Full Page article—The fishermen’s problems on the West Coast: Are NGOs missing the woods for the trees? 12 Jan 2016 [article]
  • The Week magazine photo feature—Sea Change, 10 Jan 2016 [photo feature]
  • Cape Times, South Africa reports on Marcello Vichi’s comments—Ocean warming may affect food security, 8 Jan 2016 [article]
  • The Mercury, South Africa features—Warming ocean could reduce fish stocks, 8 Jan 2016 [article]
  • Pretoria News, South Africa reports—Ocean warming study shows decline in essential nutrients, 8 Jan 2016 [article]
  • The Hindu Science & Technology—Western Indian Ocean phytoplankton hit by warming, 28 Dec 2015 [article
  • Phytoplankto feels Indian Ocean HeatMalayala Manorama reports—സമുദ്രങ്ങള്‍ ചൂടുപിടിക്കുന്നു; മത്സ്യസമ്പത്തിനു ഭീഷണി, 28 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Deccan Herald, Front Page news—Warming of Arabian Sea poses threat to fisheries, 26 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Business Line reports—Rapid warming of Indian Ocean can turn it into an ecological desert, 25 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Times of India features—Micro plants feel Indian Ocean heat, 22 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Sakaal Times, Front Page news—IITM study links warming of ocean waters to the fall in number of fish, 22 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Indian Express features—Study shows Indian Ocean warming to hit  marine life extensively, 22 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Times of India, Kochi reports—New study points to 20 percent decrease in phytoplanktons and fall in marine production, 22 Dec 2015 [link]
 Weakening monsoon due to Indian Ocean warming – in the Newspapers

Newspaper highlights on the study, “Drying of Indian subcontinent by rapid Indian Ocean warming and a weakening land-sea thermal gradient”, which appeared in Nature Communications.

  • Hindustan Times, Front Page news—Warm ocean weakening monsoon, 18 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Times of India Kochi, Front Page news—Indian Ocean warming has reduced rainfall, 18 Jun 2015 [article]
  • The Hindu Science & Technology article—India: ocean warming weakens monsoon, 18 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Times of India Pune, illustrated article—Warming Indian Ocean impedes rains, 17 Jun 2015 [article]Times of India article on Warming Indian Ocean impedes rains: Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
  • The Telegraph article—Monsoon drop alarm-Rainfall has weakened over century: Study, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • The Financial Express reports from Dhaka, Bangladesh—Monsoon from Paks south to BD thru India on decline: Study, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Economic Times article—Rapid warming of Indian Ocean weakening the monsoon, may impact agriculture and financial sectors, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Pune Mirror* article—Low rainfall in central India to affect crops, 17 Jun 2015 [article] * This article linked our study on long-term trends to the 2015 monsoon, which is not necessarily accurate.
  • Sakal Times article—SW monsoon over Central India weakening: IITM study, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • The Financial Express article—Indian Ocean warming hits monsoon, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Marathi Times article—Monsoon is becoming weak, मान्सून हॊतॊय कमकुवत, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Mangalam news article—Indian Ocean warming has made the monsoon weak, ഇന്ത്യന്‍ മഹാസമുദ്രത്തിലെ താപനില വര്‍ധന കാലവര്‍ഷം ദുര്‍ബലമാക്കി, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Jagran article—Indian Ocean warming has weakened monsoon in parts of India, हिंद महासागर की गर्मी से कमजोर हुआ मानसून, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • NaiDunia reports—Due to Indian Ocean warming, monsoon is weakening in India, हिंद महासागर के गरम हॊने से भारत में मानसून हॊ रहा कमजॊर, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Navhind Times, Panaji reports—Indian Ocean warming has weakened monsoon in parts of India, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad reports—Summer monsoon rainfall weakening, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Business Line article—Research sounds alarm over long-term weakening of monsoon, 17 Jun 2015 [link]
  • DNA reports—Indian Ocean warming weakens monsoon, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Financial Chronicle reports—Indian Ocean warming has weakened monsoon in parts of India, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Glimpses of Future reports from Jammu [article]
  • The NorthLines reports from Jammu [article]
  • Times of Oman article—Indian Ocean warming has weakened monsoon in parts of India, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • The Echo of India reports from Andaman and Nicobar Islands—Indian Ocean warming has weakened monsoon in parts of India, 17 Jun 2015 [article]
  • Sunday Times SriLanka article on—Warming Indian Ocean reduces monsoon rains, 13 Dec 2015 [article]
 Indian Ocean warming – in the Newspapers

Media highlights on the study “The curious case of Indian Ocean warming”, which appeared in the Journal of Climate.

  • The Hindu, Science & Technology column—Role of El Nino in heat build-up in Indian Ocean, 13 Nov 2014 [article]
  • Time of India, Front Page news—Warming of Indian Ocean may weaken monsoon: Study, 3 Oct 2014 [article]
  • Business Line article—Anomaly in Indian Ocean warming could affect future monsoon pattern, 24 Sep 2014 [article]
  • Time of India, Times City column—El Nino imbalance affecting monsoon, 20 Sep 2014 [article]
 Newspaper highlights on other studies
  • Time of India, Times City column—A model to guide you on rain & shine, 20 Sep 2014 [article]
  • The Hindu, Science & Technology column—New light on ocean warming, rainfall, 5 Jun 2014 [article]
  • Indian Express, Achievement column—First oceano website lures oceanographers, Jul 2005 [article]
 Newspaper highlights on talks, solicited discussions.
  • The Hindu discuss—Chennai floods due to climate change? 14 Dec 2015 [article]
  • Times of India reports—Sept, Oct & Nov hottest ever months in 115 years, 4 Dec 2015 [article]
  • The Mercury, South Africa reports on the CSE annual briefing on climate change—Floods, droughts to be the norm, 12 Nov 2015 [article]
 News Agencies – Reuters, PTI, etc.
  • Reuters spotlight showcase—Warmer Indian Ocean could be ‘ecological desert’, scientists warn, 19 Jan 2016 [article]
  • African News Agency, ANA reports—Warming Indian Ocean may pose threat to global fisheries market, 8 Jan 2016 [link