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Down to Earth Magazine features solicited discussions on Kerala Floods [article]

  • Sport Fishing Magazine article highlights our research on Indian Ocean warming and its impact on the marine ecosystem and the tuna—Turning up the heat, Jul 2016 [article]
  • An article in Science shows how the foraging habits of Frigate birds may be affected by the declining marine primary productivity and tuna in the Indian Ocean, as pointed out in our research, 1 Jul 2016
  • The Outlook Magazine interview on Monsoon Droughts—Get ready for more droughts, 27 Apr 2016
  • The Frontline Magazine interview on Monsoon Droughts—We need to be prepared to adjust to drier conditions, 4 Mar 2016 [article]
  • The Week magazine photo feature—Sea Change, 10 Jan 2016 [photo feature]
Monsoon drought interview on Frontline Magazine
 Journals and Science Newsletters
  • India Water Portal—Blame Arabian sea for unexpected showers, 5 Oct 2017 [link]
  • Nature East Asia—インド中部で猛烈な雨が増えている, 4 Oct 2017 [link]
  •—Central Indian floods have tripled: study, 3 Oct 2017 [link]
  • ScienceDaily highlights—Asian monsoon season weakens as the Indian Ocean warms, 8 Feb 2016 [link]
  • ScienceNews article—Phytoplankton rapidly disappearing from the Indian Ocean, 1 Feb 2016 [link]
  • AGU Geospace highlights the GRL study—Rapid warming over the Indian Ocean reduces marine productivity, 21 Jan 2016 [link]
  • DownToEarth article—Rising ocean temperatures will lead to sharp decline in marine productivity, 21 Dec 2015 [link]
  • Nature India features—Warming Indian Ocean weakens monsoon, doi:10.1038/nindia.2015.81, 17 Jun 2015 [link]
  • DownToEarth article—Southwest monsoon is weakening as Indian Ocean warms rapidly, 17 Jun 2015 [link]
  • Indian Science Journal features—Warming Indian Ocean upsets rainfall in the subcontinent, 17 Jun 2015 [link]
  • French news journal Sciences au Sud interview—The curious history of Indian Ocean, La curieuse histoire de l’océan Indien, 20 May 2015 [article]
La curieuse histoire de l’océan Indien 
 On the Web
  • Voice of America news—Warming Arabian Sea Triggers Rise in Extreme Rainfall Events in India, 5 Oct 2017 [link]
  • Agence France-Press, AFP highlights Central Indian floods have tripled: study [link]
  • IBTimes UK discuss—Extreme rainfall has tripled in India since 1950 – but droughts are worsening too [link]
  • Swaraangi Sane writes—मानसून की गड़बड़ी- बढ़ रही बाढ़ [link]
  • Prof. Raghu Murtugudde writes on India Climate Dialogue—Everything about the monsoon is changing, 1 Sep 2017 [link]
  • South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People – SANDRP – interview: Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll: “Warming Indian Ocean means a Weakening Indian Monsoon”, 10 May 2016 [link]
  • talks about—A Warming Indian Ocean And The Brewing Storm In Sri Lanka, 23 Feb 2016 [link] [video]
  • SciDev highlight—Indian Ocean warming reduces marine life by 20 per cent, 25 Jan 2016 [link]
  • FirstPost discuss—Climate change in our backyard: warming of Indian Ocean threatens fish catch, 21 Dec 2015 [link]
  • SciDev article on—Warming Indian Ocean reduces monsoon rains, 5 Dec 2015 [link]
  • India Travelogue on the discussions at CSE annual workshop and increasing droughts over South Asia [link]
  • India Climate Diaologue, Prof. Ashok Karumuri’s comments on the monsoon-Indian Ocean study—El Niño does hit the monsoon, but some links still missing, 31 Aug 2015 [link]
  • Live Science, Prof. Raghu Murtugudde discuss the monsoon-Indian Ocean study—Dust Clouds the Future of the South Asian Monsoon [link]
  • SciDev discuss on—Weakening monsoons over South Asia, 30 Jun 2015 [link]
  • Centre for Science and Environment highlights—Rapid warming of the Indian Ocean has weakened monsoon in parts of India: IITM Study, 20 June 2015 [highlight]
  • India Climate Dialogue discusses—Warming Indian Ocean, weakening monsoon, 16 Jun 2015 [link]
  • India Today’s dailyO features—Why India should be worried about monsoon drying up, 16 Jun 2015 [link]
  • Solicited discussion on India Climate Dialogue—Does sunlight impact the monsoon more than humans do?, 7 Feb 2015 [link]
  • India Climate Dialogue featuring—Indian Ocean warming: a curious case, 3 Nov 2014 [link]

Indian Ocean warming reduces marine life



 Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll at the CSE annual media briefing on Climate ChangeCSE India Environmental Portal highlight on Indian Ocean warming and a weakening monsoon

  • Prasad Ravindranath writes in Science Chronicle—Three-fold increase in extreme rainfall events over central India [link]
  • Prof. Raghu Murtugudde highlights—Threefold increase in widespread rainfall extremes over India [link]
  • Tejas More writes in Marathi—मध्य भारत आणि वाढती प्रलयघटिते [link]
  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby discuss on—Phytoplankton’s demise from global warming is bad news if you like oxygen and seafood [link]
  • NASAinArabic—26 Feb 2016, الاختفاء السريع للعوالق النباتية في المحيط الهندي [link]
  • Red Team analysis on planetary crisis and declining phytoplankton, 15 Feb 2016 [link]
  • Massimiliano Rupalti provides an Italian version of the ScienceNews article—Il fitoplancton sta scomparendo rapidamente dall’Oceano Indiano, 13 Feb 2016 [link]
  • Dr. Richard Kirby at the Blue Planet Society—What’s happening to the oceans’ phytoplankton? 8 Feb 2016 [link]
  • John Englart writes on—Rapid Indian Ocean warming affecting marine plankton, fish stocks, 22 Jan 2016 [link]
  • Sonali McDermid discuss the role of Indian Ocean on the monsoon in her article “From the sea, knowledge” [link]
  • IRD, France features the study Le réchauffement de l’océan Indien affaiblit la mousson asiatique, 1 Sep 2015 [link]
  • French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs highlights—The monsoon weakened by the Indian Ocean warming, La mousson affaiblie par le réchauffement de l’Océan Indien, 24 Jul 2015 [link]
  • Indian Parliament [Loksabha] question and discussion on Warming Indian Ocean, 21 Nov 2014 [Q&A]
  • Highlighted as the Main Conveners of Top 16 Sessions among 176 scientific sessions [poster]